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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unrealistic Nemesis

Let's face it, the enemies in just about every show, movie, book, etc, are all retarded.  They lose their opportunity to destroy, devastate, or even kill because of their hesitation.  Often times they have the hero in their grasp, and allow for strategic or other fallacy to ruin their victory.  Can't we have a better class of villains that don't require such hesitation and are able to send fear into the audience and leave us rooting for the hero to vanquish evil?  Ultraviolet seems to stand out the highest on my list when considering the rooftop gunfight.  Why would they wait for her to walk into your circle, and why would you form a circle when you're shooting guns.  I understand it makes the movie flow, but having this scene tears away from reality and introduces the super retarded villain.  Also poor planning, you have that much time to organize people on a roof, why not position someone in another building to snipe or a bomb somewhere to ensure victory.

My mindless rantings on unrealistic situations.

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